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Myrό Antiques House presents contemporary art shows in Beautyworld Mykonos

Myrό Antiques House  presents contemporary art shows in Beautyworld Mykonos commencing their partnership which will result exhibitions of renowned artists in the space of the lavish hair salon & spa. The partnership focuses on sculpture exhibitions of works of fine and famous sculptors.

The partnership begins with two exhibitions on the premises of Beauty World Mykonos by Despina Gavala. In a statement on the partnership of Myrό Antiques House Founder & CEO Mr. Stavros Muronidis said: “Our group includes a  variety of activities in Art, Antiques and collectible objects, through  Myro Gallery of Contemporary Art in the center of Thessaloniki, Myro Antiques House to manage collections and organize inhouse and third party auctions, and a special footprint in contemporary sculpture through Greek Marble Initiative. A year ago we set off our partnership with Hyatt Regency Thessaloniki Hotel and  this year we are extending our third party co-operations with Beautyworld Mykonos. We envision art as a basic element of our lives and as such, we consider important that it is found in many difference spaces all around us, on the single condition of their qualities.  Beautyworld Mykonos is an ideal in these terms; the quality and stylish environment becomes the artworks  of renowned artists we will be presenting there. In addition we give the opportunity to the friends and clients of  Beautyworld Mykonos who appreciate the need for style and art in their lives to acquire original art in premium prices through our partner”.

The exhibition program
This year we will focus in sculpture, though selected paintings are not totally excluded. We begin with a series of important names in contemporary sculpture in marble, bronze and wood, while we combine the presence of world renowned sculptors with high potential younger and mid-career artists. We have set our with Andrej Mitevski and Gabriel Andronikidis, and we will elaborate further with established and renowned artists such as Kamen Tanev, Giorgi Cpajak, Albena Mihaylova and many more. We wish to deliver the essence  of the contemporary art scene in sculpture of today into our new partnership. The well-balanced original sculptures of these artists totally beseems the vigourous yet delicate artworks we will present to the eclectic audience of  Beautyworld Mykonos”, said Paris Kapralos, Director of Art Section of Myrό Antiques House group.

Andrej Mitevski, a renowned marble sculptor and a member of the Greek Marble Initiative is showing his latest series “Emerging Forms”. In a statement of the artist issued for the occasion, the sculptor observes “Like the sun that is in the centre of our planetary system I would like to see that our spiritual and humane way of thinking prevail and we as a human kind, stop to be destructive towards nature and to other people. The organic shape of my project has intention to emphasize that life and the nature has an ability to correct itself and prevail almost any obstacle. But we as humans have to be more careful with our sources and to think, what our legacy is for the next generation. Emerging or better creating life and creation, as a god like category comes the responsibility and power to say something, to show your idea your vision for the future. These new emerging times of fast communication and digital connections, the only way of bringing people to see the beauty of life and to comprehend the power of creation through art. Art was and it is the best international intellectual language which has no boundaries and accepts every race and religion and has the power to move people”.

A selection of the finest works of the lattest series of the established  Greek sculptor Gabriel Andronikidis is also on display in the spaces of   Beautyworld Mykonos. Gabriel Andronikidis works deliver the spirit of the contemporary artist who ignores the material without deprevating it, but observes a minimum ties to kts properties while utilizing its textures to the full. As we were witnesses to the process of creation -especially for the marble sculptures- we cannot but notice a systematic artist who got the best outcome out of every material, embodying his qualities in every piece. Especially the big bronze dancers which got our attention to his work, remain unrivalled. He has presented his work in six solo exhibitions (in 1991 in the Municipality of Kalamaria, in 2002 in Alatza Imaret, in 2009 in the multi-space Remezzo, of the Cultural Organization of the Municipality of Kalamaria,in 2009 in the Cultural Center of the Municipality of Athens, in 2010 in the historical building of Casa Bianca, 2012 Myrό Gallery, Thessaloniki) and in nine group exhibitions. He is a member of the Artists’ Association of Fine and Visual Arts of Northern Greece and of the Organization of Collective Management of Works of Fine and Virtual Arts and of their Applications. For his artistic creations he has been granted several honorary distinctions, as in 2010 by the Philological Association “Parnassos”.

About  Beautyworld Mykonos by Despina Gavala
Beautyworld Mykonos by Despina Gavala is one of the twin spaces for connoisseurs the entrepreneur Despina Gavala has founded. The other one is in Athens. Choose amongst various treatments which aim to make you feel fresh and revitalized .Let yourself in the hands of our experts and enjoy an unforgettable experience in your own Beautyworld..

About Myrό Antiques House 
Myrό Antiques House serves the industry of quality antiques and arts since 1996, when it was established by Mr. Stavros Muronidis. From 2009 operates in its own premises, in Souroti area, at the outskirts of Thessaloniki, Greece which resides on a mountain plateau estate. The central building is lavish and spacious, providing all the Myrό Antiques House & Group with all the space it requires for its various activities, while the outdoor of the estate accommodates the Greek Marble Initiative International symposia, and other outdoor events yearly. Myrό Antiques House has a huge collection of contemporary and classical greek works of art, an exhibition of Antique furniture and objects, and holds a bimonthly physical auction in its location, attracting world attention, since 2008. Other activities as Distinct Real Estate (islands, villas, etc.) are also present in the Group. Find out more at

EDITO Οκτωβρίου 2016 | Το Αύριο και το Σήμερα της Τέχνης στην Ελλάδα

Γιώργος Καραφωτιάς, Άτιτλος πίνακας, Λάδι σε καμβά.
H Ελλάδα παρουσιάζει πλέον σημαντικό καλλιτεχνικό δυναμικό στις εικαστικές τέχνες, το οποίο δυστυχώς παραμένει υποπροβεβλημένο, σε σύγκριση με άλλα είδη καλλιτεχνικής παραγωγής. Συν τω χρόνω οι νέοι Έλληνες καλλιτέχνες διαμορφώνουν αυτό που ονομάζουμε νέα Ελληνική εικαστική ταυτότητα. Το ζήτημα τώρα είναι η επαρκής υποστήριξη της. Μέσα σε μια εξαιρετικά μικρή και καθόλου αναπτυγμένη αγορά, οι νέοι έλληνες εικαστικοί  καλλιτέχνες συχνά ασφυκτιούν.

- "Κρίση",  θα πείτε και θα γυρίσετε στο άλλο πλευρό. Εδώ όμως θα έχετε κάνει μεγάλο λάθος, και ο ύπνος σας δεν πρέπει να είναι καθόλου γαλήνιος, διότι σύντομα θα αντικρύσετε μία στείρα έρημο, και, το χειρότερο είναι, πως δεν θα πρόκειται για έναν εφιάλτη, αλλά για μια πραγματικότητα χωρίς προηγούμενο. Μάλιστα, αυτό το ενδεχόμενο καθίσταται πιο τραγικό, αν αναλογιστείτε  την ποιοτική αναβάθμιση των νεότερων Ελλήνων καλλιτεχνών. Σε αυτή έχουν συμβάλει τόσο οι Σχολές Καλών Τεχνών της χώρας, και νεότεροι σε ηλικία καθηγητές που είναι μέλη ΔΕΠ και διαδάσκοντες, όσο και ιδιωτικά ιδρύματα με σημαντική δράση με υποτροφίες και προγράμματα, που βελτίωσαν θεαματικά τις "παραστάσεις", το γνωσιακό και το εμπειρικό επίπεδο των νέων Ελλήνων καλλιτεχνών.

Μόλις όμως οι σπουδές ολοκληρωθούν, ο νέος Έλληνας εικαστικός καλλιτέχνης έχει να αντιμετωπίσει μία ζοφερή πραγματικότητα. Ο χώρος της τέχνης στην Ελλάδα δεν έχει τους μηχανισμούς να προβάλλει νέο και μη ήδη εγκαθιδρυμένο περιεχόμενο από την πρώτη δεκαετία της χιλιετίας και εξής. Οι ελάχιστες χιλιάδες αποδεδειγμένοι φιλότεχνοι, και οι λίγες εκατοντάδες μικρότεροι ή μεγαλύτεροι, πλην όμως σοβαροί συλλέκτες, δεν επαρκούν για να συντηρήσουν, πόρρω δε μάλλον, για να αναπτύξουν την εγχώρια αγορά. Αυτό που προβάλλεται ως εκλεκτικισμός από πολλούς, είναι πρόφαση εν αμαρτίαις και όχι επιλογή: η κεντρική σκηνή της Τέχνης στην Ελλάδα δεν έχει ισχυρό έρεισμα σε "λίγους και καλούς", αλλά  μικρή αποδοχή από όλους. Ελθούσης της κρίσης η αγορά δεν στέναξε, διότι δεν πρόλαβε ούτε στεναγμό να βγάλει! Άλλωστε, ήταν ήδη ημιθανής χτυπημένη από την διεθνοποίηση των αγορών, την αυξημένη προσβασιμότητα όσων πραγματικά αναζητούν και συλλέγουν τέχνη σε πηγές στο εξωτερικό, και βρίσκουν πληροφορίες στο διαδίκτυο. Εδώ και 5-7 χρόνια είναι πανεύκολο να εντοπίσεις εκλεκτή τέχνη στο Facebook, στην πλατφόρμα Saatchi, στο Behance Network ή/και αλλού, να μάθεις και να κανονίσεις την επίσκεψη σου στις μεγαλύτερες Art Fairs του  κόσμου, να αποκτήσεις τέχνη είτε για ευχαρίστηση, είτε ως επενδυτικό αγαθό, ορθολογικά τεκμηριωμένη και επαρκώς πιστοποιημένη.

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